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** History is about to be made!    We will open as a business opportunity, and evolve to become a worldwide movement.

**Our motto:   We give a lot and you get more! 

We lead with education!  With our charity mind set.  We will change the world one person at a time.  We lead with education!!!  3000 online courses and you can join for FREE!!!

There are 7 exclusive courses that are attached to 7 different 2 x 2 matrices starting as low as $50

** 100% money in and 100% money out!

**No admin fees! 

**Get paid instantly into your wallet and request payment daily! 

**Never before in history - 100% MATCH ON YOUR PERSONALS!!

No matter what matrix you are on, you will match your direct personals on all their matrix matches. 

It's time for you to make a difference in your life, so you can help so many others on your journey!

Online Education

Imagine this

A business opportunity does not measure how important you are by your bank account?
A business opportunity that shows you respect?
A business opportunity with no requirements to be paid but to enhance your life? or even
A business opportunity that pays you 100% on your efforts?

First time ever:  a 2x2 matrix where you sponsor people and get 100% of their bonus earnings

100%, time to be paid what you are valued at………….
100% money in / money out
100% match on personals
100% NO admin fees
Are you worth 100%?

We are so close to opening a great new business opportunity that will become a worldwide movement.  COVID 19 turned us inside out; not a very pretty picture.

We are leading with our heart, and we hear you.
Want to work from home? Want to change your profession? Want to take your career to the next level?
We have the answer...

The world is hurting, even more so after COVID.  There are children with cancer that need chemotherapy but aren't receiving it because of a lack of health insurance coverage/ lack of funds.  Children are not sure if they will have a tomorrow. 

•    There are cities without adequate medical care and ambulance services. 
•    The single mother who is struggling to pay for medication for her sick child. 
•    The person who lost their job because they couldn't work due to an illness and missed too much work.  People are in need everywhere. 

•    Anyone can submit someone in need or their local charity.  

We need to know who needs VERTERVERSE. VERTERVERSE is a life-changing company with the vision to impact life globally and help us to achieve our dreams and goals via Education, Charity, and Freedom.

Please Join Us in This Worldwide Movement to Save The Children and Save The World

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